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ELAINE WALTERS  - Fields of endeavor, research and documentation: 1983 to 2018


John McKenzie  MSC, FRACP,  FRCPath,, FRCPA  FAACB

“Since 1983 Elaine Walters had committed herself tirelessly to drug education. Publication of her books noted for their meticulous reference basis coupled with her skills as a teacher and public speaker informed many communities of the real hazards about cannabis which had previously been glossed over and ignored. She travelled widely and was invited to speak at conferences in Europe, the Middle East and America. As a Churchill Fellow she was able to observe firsthand the results of various countries to either accept or control cannabis. She conferred with Government Ministers, Department of Health and University Research Institutes. While in Europe Mrs Walters completed research studies at the United Nations in Vienna receiving support for her work from Professor Ramos Galino Director of the United Nations Division of Narcotic Drugs.


Carl G. Persson Chairman of the board of the Swedish Carnegie Institute

‘The Cannabis Connection’ 1989

Mrs Elaine Walters book deals with the three foundations of drug control. For parents it is essential to have correct information about drugs, their effects and hazards. This book is gives clear and comprehensive guidelines for parents when meeting the challenge of drugs to our society.


The Rt.Hon. Sir Zelman Cowen


In such a time of shifting, of indiscriminate experimentation, a time when anything goes, many of those of us who retain a care for human welfare and for more secure social values seek for understanding and the information which enables us to set more secure courses. One area of pervasive concern is the drug culture and our response to claims, which are often sensational often confusing. As a guide to the perplexed, this book merits careful reading and reflection, and I commend it.

Health Minister the Hon Maria Tehan MP.

Marijuana – An Australian Crisis 1993

I endorse the tenure of Mrs. Walters’s study, which is that our young people should be protected against the ravaging of drug taking. While millions of dollars are spent educating against the effects of legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, it would seem a backward step to be adding any further drugs currently illegal to legal acceptance within the community. This is a well researched well presented practical contribution to the debate of the problems of drug taking in the Australian community.


T. Martin Capital letters AO FAA  FRS

Emeritus Prof of medicine

University of Melbourne

‘be ALERT and ALARMED’ 2015

The author is well equipped to give an account of the arguments that accompany such diversity, which she does in a transparent manner. While making the reasons for her own views clear, she describes with care the arguments of others by offering critical analysis

Her views have been developed and presented courageously in the face of critical analysis of many people of influence and the often-irrational prejudice of others all of which is canvassed in this book.


Mary Hiscock  Emeritus Professor of Law

‘be ALERT and ALARMED  2015

This book is written conversationally and clearly by a person with decades of experience in counseling. She gives insight to personal acquaintance with parents and users testifying to the devastation of their own and their families lives. It is backed up by access to substantial global scientific research. It’s aim is the development of sensible and pragmatic policies that will protect the health and well-being present and future generations.


Memberships and Awards

Mrs Walters received a Churchill Fellowship in 1988, a George Harris Fellowship Award for outstanding services to the community in 1996 and was awarded an Order of Australia in 2000. In 1998 she was invited to become a member of the National Expert Advisory Committee on Drug Education and in 1998 became a Fellow of Drug Free Australia.  Over the years she have been a consultant to many organizations including EURAD - European Parents Against Drugs and PRYDE  - Parents Reaching Youth through Drug Education. A board member of the Drug Prevention Alliance of Australia and Drug Watch Australia. Mrs. Walters a founding member of the Drug Advisory Council of Australia. DACA.  has now become a Patron.

Her soon to be published book “The Addiction Industry  -  A Tangled Web but a Common Thread”  will reveal some startling facts about the involvement of international billionaires to create an industry similar to the cigarette industry. It documents compelling evidence about certain individuals and organizations in Australia who have worked hand in glove with them.

 Mrs. Walters reveals that for approximately four decades, politicians and the general public have been skillfully and strategically manipulated by pro drug activists. But far worse, she believes because of the flawed and misleading information in drug education curriculums, many young Australians have been ‘groomed’ for the addiction industry. 

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