"Youth is easily deceived because it is quick to hope"


One constantly hears ‘elites’ proclaiming that street drugs have been used for centuries, but such an assertion is misleading* because in fact - at no other time in history have so many young people been exposed to the dangers of such a variety of drugs that are inherently dangerous, addictive and mind-altering. These substances disturb the chemical balance of the brain and its neurotransmitters and are referred to in these essays as ‘street drugs’.

The reason illegal drugs are called ‘street drugs’ is to distinguish them from medically prescribed drugs i.e. therapeutic and also substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and coffee that are regarded as ‘social drugs’ The phenomena of street drugs that we are experiencing has no precedent. What has emerged is an egalitarian cult that includes highly educated and skilled labor classes, sexes adolescents and children. * "A half truth is a whole lie",

Prescribed psychotherapeutic drugs can assist in correcting chemical imbalances in the brain and psychiatrists normally use this form of treatment for mental illnesses such as depression, mania, paranoia and schizophrenia. Although our common sense tells us that using psychotherapeutic drugs without actually suffering from a mental illness is bizarre, this form of drug taking is always referred to by protagonist’s of the drug culture as ‘recreational’ use.

Alcohol: A Mind Altering Substance:

Forty years ago the Australian government lowered the drinking age from twenty one to eighteen years of age. Up until then sales were restricted to adults twenty one years and over and regulated as to time, place, amount, etc. There was no such thing as ‘binge drinking’ by teenagers and young adults, and alcohol problems among minors were extremely rare.

It is worth noting that one of the most significant problems concerning alcohol is drinking to the point of intoxication; whereas getting stoned/high is the only reason for using marijuana and other street drugs.It is also worth noting that adolescents and many young adults simply don’t have the maturity or self-control to handle mind-altering substances - their brains haven’t fully developed until they are in their early twenties.

Similar to alcohol, marijuana is also a mind -altering substance. But unlike alcohol, that is socially acceptable and used in moderation by most adults, the use of ecstasy and psychotropic pills and marijuana generally starts before the age of nineteen.

Cigarettes: Inherently Dangerous and Addictive:

For hundreds of years smoking was an acceptable social custom in western society. However from the turn of the century onwards, scientific research found more and more evidence associating cigarette smoking with significant health risks including lung cancer, bronchitis, heart disease and stroke. Nevertheless, this did not deter ‘vested interests’ from manipulating and denying the validity of the research for as long as possible.

Marijuana: Mind-altering, Addictive, and Carcinogenic:

Since the mid seventies, there has been a plethora of clinical and scientific research available about the effects of marijuana, and not surprisingly, since both tobacco and marijuana are addictive and contain similar compounds they are associated with similar health risks. Not only that, but unlike tobacco, studies have revealed that marijuana is implicated in a number of psychiatric illnesses including depression, schizophrenia and psychosis. This is also the case with other street drugs including ecstasy and psychoactive pills.

Remarkably, just as in the case of cigarette smoking, ‘vested interests’ have also carried out a campaign to undermine and understate the results of scientific research about marijuana. However those with ‘vested interests’ are not necessarily criminals, dealers and drug pushers but cartels of international billionaires who provide funding for academics, lawyers and bureaucrats, many from within the health system itself to promote the legalisation agenda. REFER THE MONEY TRAIL

Intriguingly, the reasons for removing legal sanctions are not based on science and evidenced based research, but predicated on the belief that to prohibit the use of these drugs is an infringement on the rights of the individual. Not only that, but pro-drug activists and drug users insist that they are being persecuted and victimised, or, as they farcically claim, ‘demonised’ and ‘stigmatised’ as criminals. They also pontificate at great length about the rights of the drug users but show little regard for the rights of the rest of the community.

For the last thirty years many advisors on government drug policy, particularly in drug education, have persistently and with great determination promoted an ‘ideology’. By any measure this could hardly be considered a sound or credible foundation upon which to plan Australia’s drug policies.

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