Let us sit down and reason together.

It is the responsibility of Parliament to pass laws to protect the community from the activities considered inherently dangerous or wrong. For example shoplifting, vandalism, speeding, assaults and rape The destructive nature of street drugs on the mind and body and the subsequent result of changes in behaviour.(The association of violence and central nervous stimulants) cannot be eliminated by simply redefining this particular activity.

It remains inherently dangerous and this danger is exacerbated as more people become involved. It is well established that when prohibited drugs are freely available and socially acceptable there is an upsurge in use. Legalisation also conveys the message that the government condones and then ends up supporting an intoxicated lifestyle for a larger number of people. Consider the enormous national health debt incurred by the use of tobacco and alcohol. Why would any rational government legalise an activity that would increase in this debt?

For drug law reformers policy to work effectively it would be necessary to remove sanctions on all drugs including that the botanically derived substances of opium, coca leaf, amphetamines cannabis and all synthetic drugs including ICE, PCP LSD, Ecstasy and psychoactive pills. In fact any psychotropic drug or designer drug would have to be available on demand if not a black market would still operate.

It is difficult to find an organ or a system in the body that is not a damaged by street drugs - ranging from the possibility of a heart attack or stroke from the use of cocaine to memory loss, organic brain damage and psychosis which can result from the use of marijuana.

One of the greatest difficulties associated with the drug issue is the comparison of these health related problems with the harm associated with crime and corruption. Since there is no basis for comparison are the debate becomes frustrating and futile. However historical precedence and the experience of other countries demonstrate that on ‘balance’ it is better to maintain legal sanctions and concentrate on drug education in an effort to eliminate the demands. Legislated activity rarely if ever eliminates criminal activity of a particular type. But the object of the legislation is to reduce the level of activity to a degree that can be tolerated by the community.

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